You are a brand-spankin-new vampire. You and some other vampires you’ve never met are waking up not knowing when or where you are, so let’s find out!
Hints about what’s to come so you can decide if you’re interested or not: Squirrels!, Cults, War, Climate Change, Mass Extinction, Robots, Aliens, Mutations, Other Supernatural Things
Still interested? Here’s where to start:
Your character was a ghoul for a vampire of your chosen clan (choose from list below). What YOU, as a player, know (or think you know) about Vampire: the Masquerade is what your character was taught by their regent. That’s right: whatever dirty little secrets about vampires and other supernaturals you know from any VtM book, is what your character knows! Your character may also know things from what you know of other World of Darkness books, but don’t be surprised if other supernatural’s in game don’t follow the rules you’ve learned.
During the 5th day of June 2006, a letter addressed to your regent was delivered via private courier. When they rose that evening and read the letter, they seemed disturbed, even if nothing would normally shake them. This will be the last thing you remember before they hastily grab you and drink your blood until you pass out. Don’t worry; you will wake up as a vampire of your chosen clan where/when I start the game.
Please craft a background for your character around this premise, keeping in mind your character and sire were most likely very close in order to reflect the amount of vampire/occult knowledge they shared. It’s up to you if you believe what you’ve learned is hearsay, known fact, fairy tales, or all of the above.
Where in the world you choose to base your character in their history is up to you, but please make them fluent in English.
Everyone starts the game with NO possessions, clothing, property, friends, or family. Please take this into account during character creation. Sure, you can have dots in firearms, drive, or computers, for example, but I won’t guarantee you’ll find a gun, car, & laptop in game anytime soon. Still, it could come in handy down the line.
Please use the character creation process outlined in the Vampire the Masquerade 20th Anniversary Edition, BUT there are MANY special restrictions for character creation for my game, so pay attention!
Pick a clan from THIS list ONLY: Assamite, Bruja, Gangrel, Nosferatu, Ravnos, Follower of Set, Toreador
Special Requests may be made for Salubri, True Bruja, Lasombra, & Tzimisce, but be prepared to plead your case and write a thorough background if approved.
Not on the list? Don’t ask!
Keep it simple: no variants, bloodlines, etc.
If you truly believe you’re such a Masquerade Master, I will let you put up to 5 dots in occult at character creation. If you do, you best role-play it, Mister Know-It-All.
You have the standard disciplines your chosen clan comes with! Even though you are a brand-new vampire, you CAN start with more than one dot in each clan discipline with the help of freebie points. You’ll just have to role-play as if using them for the first time when you do. FYI, things may not go as expected. >;3
You also get ONE free dot in each Fortitude and Potence. If this is a clan discipline for you, just the first dot is free and doesn’t count toward your 3 during character creation. If it is not a clan discipline for you, do NOT buy more dots in these two disciplines with freebie points.
Concerning backgrounds: Each player starts with their 5 dots all in generation, including the appropriate blood pool & blood per minute perks. Do NOT buy more dots with freebie points.
Concerning Virtues: Each player starts with an even 3 dots in each virtue. If you role play any of them above or below this average, that could change.
You’re not disconnected, but you’re also no bleeding-heart. Your conscience is 3 dots.
You’re no loose cannon, but you’re also not made of stone. Your self-control is 3 dots.
You’re no hero, but you’re no pansy. Your courage is 3 dots.
NO paths! You have HUMANITY. It’s 6 dots. Please play like you’re trying NOT to lose it. This is NOT an evil campaign. Do NOT buy more dots with freebie points. This is NOT a goodie-two-shoes campaign.
If you buy more dots in willpower, you WILL role-play as strong-willed as you’ve made your character or you WILL start to lose dots. No, you won’t get your freebie points back. If you choose to leave it at 3 or only go up to 4, and play strong-willed instead of wishy-washy, bad things can start to happen.
Do NOT buy other backgrounds OR merits & flaws with your 15 freebie points! The way I do things, these will be earned by role-playing them in game. Write them into your character’s background history if you want, but you won’t get them until I witness your character acting as such during game play. You have the potential to gain and lose many stats throughout this campaign, as I have designed it to be specifically rewarding to true role-players.
Bottom line: Role-Play your character as you statted your sheet, wrote his/her background, and want your character to be. Good things will come to good role-players!
One more thing: Please go by the errata & system changes in the Vampire: the Masquerade 20th Anniversary Edition. You may use knowledge gained from older Masquerade books, of course, but be aware that conflicting beliefs may arise between characters.
Ready to join my game? Send me a message letting me know you’re interested and what clan you want to be. Tell me a little about yourself and your character. Full background isn’t necessary at first, but I don’t mind. When we agree on what you want to play, I will require a digital copy of your character sheet completed on my campaign page of Obsidian Portal (Severed Lullaby), complete with background story and physical description of your character. You can include a drawing or photo if you like, too.

Severed Lullaby